Monday, July 4, 2011

Robby is back!!!

Recently I came across my old buddy from Lewiston on FaceBook. Robby shared a nice little slice of my childhood with me. And I must mention the fact that those years were my formidable STAR WARS years (1978-1982). After talking on the phone a few times, I was amazed with the fact that we shared many memories that were “growing up STAR WARS”. The time we launched his Luke X-Wing Pilot in the stratosphere under a payload of helium balloons never to be seen again. Or the time(s) we played STAR WARS with the neighborhood kids in the park in front of the house above the Snake River. I was beyond pleased that he remembered all the adventures we had…and the fact that he was the guy who first introduced me to STAR WARS in the first place. I stayed overnight one evening and he went on and on describing this movie he had just seen. An amazing movie with monsters, and spaceships…he described the movie scene by scene to me that evening until I apparently fell asleep during his explanation of the trash compactor scene. Days later I would get my first chance at watching the movie Robby described…and the rest is history. Thanks for being a friend Robby!