Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Todd Fisher

I remember a friend of mine from way back…his name was Todd Fisher. I’m pretty sure everyone had a friend like Todd. He’s the kind of kid who would sit on your back and crack your knuckles, and 10 minutes later share his pack of Twinkies with you…I know hot and cold this guy. Anyway, Todd was paid for chores around the house and helping his other family members. Back then I didn’t even know what an allowance was, let alone the fact that money could be earned here and there to purchase…um…Tootsie Rolls and Star Wars trading cards.

So here was I, and there was Todd Fisher. Me with no money to speak for my 9 year old self, and then Todd over there…with seemingly endless amounts of coin to purchase all kinds of things! All kids back then were sucked into the STAR WARS vortex! Every kid I knew owned at least a Darth Vader or C-3PO figure back in 1979. So here I was with my Landspeeder and handful of figures, there was Todd Fisher with The Death Star, Land of the Jawas, X-wing, TIE fighter, and triples of the Stormtrooper!?! I am still convinced he got ‘em to make me jealous! 30 years later I’m still convinced of that!!! Todd didn’t even like STAR WARS that much…he was way more into Matchbox and Hot Wheels!

I went back to find Todd Fisher after 25 years of having moved from Lewiston Idaho. We met at his Mother and Dad’s house and after talking a bit, headed to the backyard where I remember spending so many hours playing, and running to avoid getting sat on again! And I asked him if he still had his STAR WARS stuff. He told me he had gotten rid of the stuff when he outgrew it. I asked him when that was. He said: “pretty much around the time when you and Peter (my brother) moved away from Lewiston”.

…I’m still jealous of Todd Fisher.

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